Saturday, December 17, 2011

This Feed Has Moved!

Dear readers, if you subscribe to my feed, you've probably been getting a massive amount of "new posts" in the last 12 hours. I am incredibly sorry for all the posts re-published in your feeds and perhaps (hopefully not) via email! I had a technical issue with the Blogger platform and had to re-publish all my posts multiple times just in order to keep the links to my old posts intact. All of those issues have now been RESOLVED -- thanks for being understanding!

2011 Holiday Card
Unfortunately, part of the solution required that I switch my blog to a different site under Blogger. My domain remains the same at 6 Bittersweets, so few people will notice any difference. There's just one exception: those of you who follow me via Google and/or subscribe to my Blogger feed will need to switch over to my Feedburner OR e-mail subscription services in order to continue getting updates for new 6 Bittersweets posts. I love connecting with each and every one of you, so I really hope to continue our exchange despite this hiccup. Again, all you need to do is click on either of these links to subscribe to a working feed: (1) Feedburner RSS feed or (2) e-mail subscription.

Happy holidays, and hope to see you all on the other side =D! 

Much ♥,


  1. Feliz navidad y muchas bendiciones,abrazos hugs,hugs.

  2. salam gan ...
    menghadiahkan Pujian kepada orang di sekitar adalah awal investasi Kebahagiaan Anda...
    di tunggu kunjungan balik.nya gan !


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